Our Team
Martin Balcome - President & CEO
Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis said, "The secret of business is to know something that no one else knows." Martin's ingenuity and passion to go against the norm has grown and set him on the path to entrepreneurial success. He is the President and CEO of BMI, a family business he has been involved since his youth, taking over the leadership torch in 2005 from his parents and founders. Martin is a refreshing and unique leader improving BMI to greater sustainable growth, customer satisfaction, and making it one of the best places to work in Nova Scotia.

His time is not all spent growing a family business. He enjoys travelling and running his hobby farm in Blockhouse NS with his wife Miriam of 12 years. Martin spends countless volunteer hours and support as a member and leader of EO and on the board of the Mahone Island Conservation Association as well as other community organizations and events.
Dianne Hatcher - Controller
Dianne joined BMI in 2014 as our Controller. She graduated from St. Mary's University as an Academic All Canadian, and went on to obtain her Certified Management Accountant designation and Masters of Business Administration while working full time.

Born and raised in Chester, NS, Dianne returned to live and work on the South Shore after gaining experience in Halifax with a property management and global fund service business. The biggest compliment Dianne receives is when someone says she doesn't seem like an Accountant. "I think I bring a fresh perspective to finance with a more balanced approach from all aspects of business"

When Dianne isn't crunching numbers or chasing her sons Jaxon and Charlie around, she can be found on the soccer field.
John Keefe - Operations and Logistics
It's two in the morning and there's a problem at BMI. We know we can call John because this is the kind of dedicated employee he is. On any work day, you may see John managing the yard, coordinating the trucks, making sure our products are shipped and our clients are happy. Known for his easy going nature and his sense of humour, John excels at our supplier/customer relationships. He's in charge of purchasing materials and parts and handles the logistics of our operation, all with great ease.

John's known the Balcome family while spending many weekends in Blockhouse but grew up in Halifax. He worked at the IWK Hospital and later became self-employed in the areas of electrical, plumbing and construction. He came back to the South Shore to do some contract work with BMI in 2002 until he joined the team permanently in 2004. John likes spending his time boating on his lake front property. It is here where he enjoys hosting friends with his wife, Bonnie of 20 years and is known for his unique open fire culinary skills.
Leanne Balcome Bennett - Accounts Payable
Not everyone can say they were chased by a monkey in Nova Scotia but Leanne can. Itss a childhood memory that sticks out for her when she reminisces about growing up in the family business.

The only daughter of Harry and Nancy Balcome, the original founders of BMI, Leanne spent hours with her mom in the office cleaning and helping with paperwork as a young girl. The monkey's owner was having a cage built on the premises when it escaped and took off after young Leanne. Strong willed, (which she says is a Balcome trait), she watched first-hand what it takes to work hard in a business and continues to do so in her current role as Administrator since 2003, which includes handling accounts payable. After studying business at NSCC, Leanne is happy to work with her older brother, Martin, at the helm. When necessary, she can be a great sounding board for the business. She also helps organize many of BMI's charitable contributions to local causes. Spare time in Leanne's life is rare because she's a busy mom to Amelia, Isaac, and Violet - who you might encounter in the future as the next generation working at BMI.
Valerie Messenger - Accounting Clerk
Dependable, approachable and helpful, that's Valerie in a nutshell. She's our go to person for everything important like taking care of our cumbersome payroll, to the not so important, "have you seen the...?" around the office.

Born and raised in Bridgewater, Valerie developed her expertise by studying at NSCC for two years to obtain her business diploma. She joined BMI in June 2005 and has been a valuable member ever since. She's good natured and knowledgeable but doesn't take life too seriously. Although you won't catch her white water rafting or hiking a mountain on the weekend, she does know how to enjoy the outdoors with a nice book and a glass of wine.
Chris Delong - Fabrication Coordinator
The first to arrive of the operators and one of the last to leave, Chris doesn't see his role at BMI as just a job. He takes great pride in doing the job right. He's dedicated, meticulous and organized and considered young for someone of this role and responsibility.

Originally from Liverpool, Chris has been with BMI since November, 2007. He has his welding diploma from NSCC and among many tasks, Chris quotes on upcoming bids. When a contract has been awarded, he is often the one working out on the floor himself proving he is committed to the process from start to finish. Chris has also been taking additional training such as Applied Leadership and Management and Essential Productivity Skills for Manufactures so that he can offer more services to our customers. When he heads home you'll often find him building and working on various projects around the house and outdoors. A devoted father to four- year old Spencer and husband to Katie, he's also a community member of the East Port Medway Community Hall, helping out when he can.
Crystal Myra - Receptionist
Outspoken and certainly not shy, the warm and friendly Crystal greets you when you enter our doors. Affectionately called 'Mother hen' of the office for looking after everyone; Crystal is the first to arrive every morning.

With a background in hospitality, Crystal is our front line contact to customers and staff. After five years with BMI, customers always look forward to seeing her and her colleagues especially enjoy the comic relief she provides. Don't be fooled, those same qualities may not be what she's known for when she switches gears to bowl competitively for a Women's league or when she's seen playing competitive women's softball for Bridgewater's "BMI Pitch Slappers" . In her spare time, she's also a force to reckon with.
Harry & Nancy Balcome - Founders
Harry and Nancy are the original founders of Bridgewater Metal Industries Limited. Their creation of BMI has meant years of steady employment for many people and has made a positive impact on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. They laid the groundwork for what has become a provincial success story of a sustainable and thriving business.

Nancy and Harry's adventure into business began very simply. After they left Halifax in the seventies with their first two children in tow, they settled in Blockhouse and built the first 30 x 30 shop. Harry's skills as a builder and his determined nature combined with Nancy's calm and easygoing personality made the two a perfect business duo. With the office in the kitchen of their trailer, Nancy recalls with fondness the 'short commute' to work and the flexibility it gave them to be hands on parents as well as entrepreneurs. Family dinners were a must, but it was back to the office in the evening to keep up with the paperwork.

In 2005, Harry and Nancy were comfortable letting go of the reigns to the second generation, but they continue to provide advice and guidance when needed. They can now enjoy traveling, reading, and fishing but most importantly, spending time with their grandchildren where they reside in Blockhouse.

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