Our History
In 1977 Harry and Nancy Balcome, while raising a young family in Blockhouse, Nova Scotia, created a business in a small 30’ x 30’ building that would in time grow to be a major employer and community supporter on the South Shore. This achievement was born from hard work, sacrifice and the ongoing company motto “a satisfied customer will be a repeat customer”.

Over the next four years, both Harry and Nancy became employed full time at the business and with a staff of one provided Machine and Welding services to an array of clients producing and repairing trailer hitches, commercial/utility trailers, snow plows, specialty farm equipment and industry specific products. In 1982 the company took new direction with the release of its first fire truck. For the next twenty years, fire trucks would prove to be one of the major parts of the business, manufacturing a total of fifty-six trucks throughout Atlantic Canada. Many of these trucks are still in service today.

Over the years the buildings, offices and staff continued to grow with the business. By 1987, with a staff of ten, the manufacturing space of 4,500square feet in Blockhouse was proving to be too small. In 1988 BMI Ltd would move to its current location 2232 Highway #325, Oakhill. The Oakhill location was on a partially developed 4.5 acres of land with a modern 13,500 square foot manufacturing building. The new location provided the necessary floor and yard space for growth and expansion that continues today. Fire/rescue vehicles, environmental equipment, custom production machinery and all commercial / industrial related fabrication and repair would carry the company into the new century.

In 1999 Harry and Nancy were joined at BMI Ltd by their two sons Martin and Bradley. With guidance from the 1st generation over the next few years, they would learn the lessons necessary to operate and grow the business in new directions and to new heights.

BMI Ltd over the years has changed and diversified its business in order to stay current, remain competitive and continue to grow. Each family and staff member has contributed to make this persistent success happen on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and now, generational basis. The group of companies now has divisions in metal / wood manufacturing, labour out sourcing and recycling services. The 4.5 acre lot is completely developed and in 2007 a new 9,000 square foot building was added. Today BMI employs over 120 staff members.

Today, the company continues to move forward under the guidance and leadership of Martin Balcome, President and CEO, and always remembers “a satisfied customer will be a repeat customer”.
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